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Work From Home Tips: How to Increase Your Work Productivity

Work From Home

The pandemic has turned many homes into offices for many people. While this work setup can provide comfort and convenience to some, it is not a perfect solution for most. Working under pressure while being surrounded by the world’s stressful problems is already a challenge. Add to that the discipline one needs to finish their tasks, and it becomes clear that many factors can keep you from being your most productive self.

If you need tips on how to improve your efficiency while working at home, here are some things you can try:

#1: Get the Best Internet Plan

Self-discipline is not the only challenge when working from home. Your internet speed is the number one determining factor of how fast you can complete your tasks. However, you might have a family member who shares your internet connection for whatever purpose. Their usage might not always affect your work, but there might be times when it can affect the internet speed you get and, unfortunately, even your work productivity.

To make sure that everyone in your household stays connected, look for an internet plan with fast upload and download speeds and no data caps.

#2: Aim for Clear and Lag-Less Video Calling

The bigger the meeting is, the more difficult it is to handle. Sometimes, unwanted lag or unsynchronized audio and video are due to slow upload and download speeds. Regardless of which platform or video conferencing tool you use, the more reliable your internet connection, the better the quality of video calls you will have. Choose the appropriate means for everyone and consider upgrading your internet to improve the experience.

#3: Know the Adequate Data Plan for Your Usage

Work is not the only activity that consumes your internet data. Other applications, such as social media platforms, video streaming apps, and home assistants, eat a portion of your data. Two people watching two different shows simultaneously on one streaming app can double the data you consume, so before settling for a plan, make sure you compute for your actual data usage. That way, you get what you need without overpaying for a plan you do not need.

#4: Boost Your WiFi Performance

Besides the quality of your internet connection, you also need to ensure that it is transferred to the entire room in a stable and reliable signal. Here is what you should remember:

WiFi router placement: Physical distance does have a say when it comes to your router’s performance. Cheaper routers will probably not be able to deliver a strong internet connection in a big room. Adjust your WiFi router according to the need of your location. Place it in a central location if possible.


The work-from-home setup will require you to make little adjustments to make the most out of it. Ensuring that your gadgets are all in good condition, your software is all in their latest versions, and that you have the best internet connection without any disruptions will positively affect your performance and increase your work productivity.

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