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Having Network Connection Issues – Try These 3 Solutions

Network Connection Issues

Maintaining a stable and reliable internet connection is a necessity for today’s digital-based lifestyles. Having a strong internet connection is no longer just a luxury. Today, people use the internet for different purposes, from keeping in touch with friends to coordinating with co-workers. Slowing internet speeds can disrupt any of these activities, causing major strains on personal and professional relationships.

Boosting Your Internet Speed Without Your ISP’s Help

The most obvious solution to the problem of slow internet speed is to look for a reliable Internet Service Provider (ISP). However, not all homes can afford a premium package for their usage. Although you may not have much control over your current package, there are other ways to speed up your internet connection.

In this article, we will share three solutions to boost up your network connection speed.

1) Adjust Your Network Connection’s Priority Use

Consider how many devices in your home connect to your ISP’s router’s, for both wireless and wired connections. Every connection will eat up your monthly allocation for bandwidth, whether you’re actively using them or not. In simple terms, the more gadgets you have on, the lower your overall internet speed will be across all devices.

Modern homes can have multiple smart devices like security devices, TVs, and thermostats. Keeping them on continuously eats up your network bandwidth, which is why you should turn off or unplug the ones you aren’t using. Keep in mind that putting them in sleep mode continues to use your internet bandwidth.

2) Handle Your Router Properly

Besides keeping tabs on your non-essential devices, you must also consider your router’s care and placement. Your router’s physical location plays an integral role in your internet connection, especially for wifi routers. This is why many businesses still opt for wired ethernet cables to ensure that there’s little to no disruptions to network connectivity. As a general rule, never place your router near heat sources or metal obstructions. These other appliances and objects can cause interference on your router’s receiving and transmitting properties.

You can restart your router to boost your internet speed if you’re having general problems with your network connection. However, a persistent problem with your latency and ping may be time to call your ISP for technical support.

2) Invest in a WiFi Extender

Some rooms in your home may have weaker WiFi connections the farther they are from your router. This is why it’s necessary to plan out where you place your router in your home.

Although you can set up expensive Ethernet connections, it may look unsightly in your house. Additionally, not all routers will have enough slots for ethernet cables for more than three or four devices. Thankfully, you can buy WiFi extenders to help your router increase its signal coverage. Keep in mind that WiFi extenders will only expand your router’s signal and won’t increase its upload and download capacity. It’s better to consult your ISP for assistance if you’re experiencing internet issues even when near your device.


Although the solutions above can optimize your data usage, these won’t give you a permanent solution if you want to go beyond your current upload and download speeds. This is why it’s best to find a reliable ISP who has good coverage in your area to ensure that you can meet your internet connection needs.

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