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Why Fast Upload Speed Improves Your Business

Fast Upload Speed

As businesses grow increasingly digital, global data center IP traffic isn’t showing any signs of slowing. Now, cloud applications are replacing equipment that can hardly keep up with growing storage demands. To keep up with increased production and distribution of content, businesses have to prioritize high upload speeds. With increasing data usage in mind, here are a few ways in which your business can benefit from taking the time to improve uploads.

– Real-Time Communication

Reliable connections and sufficient bandwidth are vital to improving virtual communications between clients, partners, and team members. No more having to rely on emails that become buried in hundreds of incoming messages or missing a text message. If you’re utilizing high-quality video streams, you’ll need to employ the appropriate amount of bandwidth to support it.

– Data Back-ups

While some businesses still utilize external hard drives to store data and information, many are shifting over to cloud storage. This type of storage is cost-effective and accessible, even off office premises.

For businesses with heavy audio and video files or sensitive information, quick download and upload speeds can process terabytes of data. Now that you can complete backups in minutes, you won’t have to run the risk of experiencing interruptions due to overloaded networks.

– Quick Exchange of Information

Suppose you run a graphic design agency. You have to exchange print files with vendors, clients, and others as quickly as possible to prevent delays. Thus, cloud-based systems with quick upload speeds can help streamline your day-to-day.

– Remote Monitoring

It can become overwhelming to oversee security for numerous franchises. If you’re utilizing security cameras, even a low-quality 30fps video feed can take up 1mbps of bandwidth per viewer, which can mount if you equip more spaces with them.

Ensuring smooth, uninterrupted footage without the need for buffering means improving download speeds—you never know what you’ll miss in a split second.

– Fast Retail Transactions

As a retailer, you might rely on point-of-sale systems to receive payments over the Internet. With a mobile system and quick upload speed, customers can check out from anywhere within the store—no more long lines. Plus, you’ll see a rise in the average number of items sold, thus, an increase in overall profits.

– Online Content Sharing

Nowadays, you’ll hardly come across a business without social media presence. If you’re part of this statistic, you’ll likely be uploading bandwidth-intensive media online. With a fast upload and download speed, the process runs seamlessly on both ends—uploader and viewer.

– Improved In-Office WiFi

Long gone are the days of Ethernet cables. Now, office employees rely primarily on WiFi to connect with one another. With an adequate bandwidth, employees can access necessary materials away from their desks, such as at a meeting or conference.


Business connectivity needs will only grow increasingly demanding as you penetrate new digital landscapes and serve all types of customers. Across industries, a fast upload speed can prove a better return on investment and allow businesses to scale as necessary.

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