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6 Ways to Speed Up Slow Internet to Some Extent

Speed Up Slow Internet

Slow internet is infuriating, right? Your YouTube videos fail to buffer, websites take longer to load, and video calls get dropped. There can be many reasons why your internet speed is slow even if your internet plan claims it is fast. Lucky for you, there are just as many ways you can speed up your slow internet. Here’s how.

1) Check for Viruses or Malware

If you spend a lot of your time on the internet, visiting various websites, your PC may be vulnerable to viruses and malware. These malware can hog the bandwidth of your internet connection, slowing down your internet. Similarly, they may also slow down your web browser, making it feel like the internet is slow. So, it is best to install a reliable antivirus and run a virus and malware check at least once a month. Also, make sure your PC firewall is up to date.

2) Clear Browser Cache

Another reason why your internet may feel slow is if your browser has a lot of cache buildup, which slows down the browser. We advise you to clear your browser’s cache at least once a month. All you have to do is go to the setting menu and find the option that lets you clear web data. From there, select cache and cookies to delete them.

3) Give Your Router Some Rest

Often, if the router is on for multiple days, a software bug from running for so long can occur and cause the internet speeds to go down significantly. You can avoid this by simply turning the WiFi router off for a few minutes every couple of months. Rebooting the router is like a mini-reset that changes its current state and forces the router to get and give new IP’s or alter its routing table.

4) Limit Bandwidth Hogging Apps

Modern laptops and phones have massive memory and powerful processors that allow them to run multiple apps simultaneously in the background. Though this is a fantastic feature, it can be bad for your internet speeds. Apps like Facebook, torrent downloaders, Google Drive, Spotify, etc. keep running in the background and hog the internet bandwidth. Instead, you can shut them down when not in use.

5) Install Ad Blocking Software

It is no surprise that the internet is full of advertisements. Almost all the websites you visit have advertisements on the screen. These ads can significantly slow down your internet. So, what you can do is install any reliable ad-blocking software like uBlock Origin or Adblock Plus to block such advertisements. Remember to either opt for ad blockers that are paid or open-source, as they are reliable and safe to use.

6) Contact Us

All the methods listed above may not always be enough if your internet plan itself is slow. Even if your internet provider may claim they are offering 25 Mbps, it can still be throttled. So, you can contact Alberta Communications Cable Services. We provide high speed, secure, and reliable internet plans in Alberta at the best prices.