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5 of the Best Gifts the Internet Has Given Us


Everyone can agree that technology and the internet are one of the prominent symbols of the 21st century. Everything in today’s world is about how well people connect online and communicate with others. With massive numbers of emails sent out each day, billions online on social media platforms, and software and apps released around the clock, the internet is what 2020 is all about.

Everything has been made so much easier with online connectivity, and it is a known fact that surviving the COVID-19 pandemic might not have been possible without the internet. As a primary source of news, communication, and purchasing essential goods and services, surviving a home lockdown would be very difficult. Asides from all the virus talk, here are five ways the internet has revolutionized the way we live:

Communication Is So Much Easier

Before the internet, communication was expensive if you wanted to talk to your friends far away. Long-distance telephone calls were expensive and often ran people’s bank accounts dry. The other option was to write physical letters and wait a few days or weeks for it to reach the person. Nowadays, with wireless connectivity and high-speed internet plans, sending a message happens within seconds. You can even ring people for free using specific applications made for communication. Not only are messages possible, but you can now make cross-continental calls in the blink of an eye—and for free.

You Can Go Shopping for Anything Online

With so many applications and websites that provide goods and services. you can readily buy anything with a click of a button. The internet has made leaving your house pretty much obsolete. Today, many businesses have most of their products listed on their eCommerce store, which accepts various payment options. Whether you want a bucket of chicken from a local store, a new backpack, computer parts, or even groceries, there is always an app or website for that. With the power to buy things readily available at your fingertips, the world of online shopping is another groundbreaking feature of the 21st century.

Digital Wallets Are Widely Accepted

Without the need for cash in today’s world, people are no longer carrying so many bills in their pockets. In fact, many people in North America utilize their phones to pay for items by linking their bank accounts to digital wallets like Apple Pay and Google Pay. There are also digital banking processes like PayPal and other kinds of virtual debit cards that can make transactions easy. Additionally, sending money and managing finances for small businesses can be done through software developed specifically for these processes.

Matchmaking Is Different

Meeting new people has never been easier with the existence of dating apps. Older times involved people having to physically go out and walk around to talk to others, hoping to make a connection. With apps doing everything for people, such as matching their interests, types, and different wants with a partner, it takes the guesswork out of the picture.

Entertainment Is Endless

There is so much to do online. Whether you want to watch videos, stream movies using services like Netflix, read articles or listen to music, the internet has it all. Additionally, video games are now heavily entangled with the internet, which means playing games with friends and others all over the world is already a norm. Whatever you choose to do, the internet provides access to endless entertainment possibilities thanks to wireless connectivity.


The existence of high-speed internet has significantly boosted the world’s connectivity. Many people can do fun things, work from home, and even find all kinds of information on the internet. Without it, today’s world would be challenging, which is why the advancements in technology are always a welcome endeavour.

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