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5 Best Internet Plans for Your Business Use

Internet Plans for Your Business

Buying one of the best internet plans for your office use is somewhat similar to buying one for your home. The factors that you have to consider – like the amount of usage, cost and monthly payments, speed availability – are also the same for both business and home internet pack selection. But what is different for both of these is that you may require a lot, lot more data compared to personal use at home. 

If you are looking at some amazing internet plans for your business in Alberta, we offer some.

1) ACCS 325

If you are a serious internet user who requires several GBs per day to get work done, then this plan is ideal for you. The plan offers 1000 GB of data usage at an unbelievable speed of 25 Mbps Down and 5 Mbps Up. That’s not it; once you cross 1000 GB, you can still use unlimited data at a reduced speed. The best part is that this plan is available at $189.95, which is nothing compared to the benefits you get. 

2) ACCS 314

Another amazing plan for business corporate is this one that offers 750 GB data. You get a decent internet usage speed of 15 Mbps Down and 3 Mbps Up in this plan. Like all other best interest plans we offer, you can enjoy unlimited internet usage at a reduced speed for no extra cost. You’ll have to pay just $149.95 for this plan.

3) ACCS 312 and ACCS 313

If your monthly internet usage isn’t very high, you can go for mid-levels plans that offer lesser amounts of data. Try out our ACCS 312 or ACCS 313 that offers 350 GB and 500 GB per month. Expect a decent speed of 7 Mbps Down and 1 Mbps Up for 350 GB plan and 10 Mbps Down and 2 Mbps Up for 500 GB data plan. You will have to pay $79.95 or $89.95 for these plans, respectively and use unlimited data after the mentioned limits.

4) ACCS 113

If you are looking at a low-speed internet connection with an average data usage limit, then try this 500 GB + unlimited usage at a reduced speed plan. The plan offers an average speed of 4 Mbps Down and 1.2 Mbps Up. So if you are a business owner whose business doesn’t require very high data usage, then this plan is apt for you. You just have to pay the monthly cost of $89.95 for this internet plan.

We have other plans at lower speeds with lesser data usage limits per month. If you wish to know about them, call us on 780-496-7658

We have an affordable one-time installation fee for all our best internet plans. You can call us to know more about the installation cost. So if you are planning to get one of these plans, schedule the installation today, and we’ll be there at your doorstep.